About the Jeweller

Michael Baxter is the head jewellery designer at Art Deco Jewellery Designs. Established in 2005, his extensive knowledge will help you choose the perfect diamond, gemstone, ring or accessory for your special occasion. Michael prides himself on the impeccable quality of his pieces, along with his honest and friendly service.


Since the beginning of his jewellery trade, Michael has been the hands behind some of Sydney's leading jewellers. Michael has been the head jeweller for one of Sydney's most knowledgeable and best known jewellery designers, continuing to develop his skills in fine hand-made work, as well as restoration and reproduction of antique jewellery. In 2005 Michael then stepped out into his own business.

With over 20 years experience working with antique jewellery, Michael is the jewellery craftsman behind a number of Sydney's leading antique jewellery retailers.

Offering a professional yet relaxed environment, Michael works closely with his clients to ensure they are able to feel part of the entire process from choosing the perfect gemstone through to designing and manufacturing each unique piece.

If you are looking for an experienced jewellery designer and craftsman to design and create your next special piece, give Michael a call on 0404 848 614.  He is conveniently located at 302/147 King Street, Sydney. Consultations are free and by appointment only.

Contact Michael today with your enquiry or to organise a consultation.